National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

National Cannabis Strategy 2006-2009

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The National Cannabis Strategy 2006-2009, has been developed within the existing legislative framework and focuses on prevention, supply reduction and treatment in a partnership framework.

On 12 November 2004 the Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy (MCDS) agreed to the development of the Strategy, and after much development work, the Strategy was endorsed by the MCDS on May 15 2006. It considers the health, psychological, legal and public health issues associated with cannabis use. This is the first cannabis strategy developed under the National Drug Strategy 2004-2009.

The Strategy also acknowledges and supports the priorities and key result areas of existing strategies and plans from areas such as drug use, mental heath, education and indigenous health, which have relevance to the minimisation of cannabis-related harm.

National Cannabis Strategy 2006-2009 (PDF 224 KB)

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