National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

National Drug Strategy Campaigns

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The National Drug Strategy health education campaigns continue to increase the public’s awareness of the health impacts of drug use.

Emphasis is on increasing the public’s understanding of drug-related harm and the wider impacts of drug use on individuals, families and communities. This includes increasing the community’s understanding and acceptance of the broad range of prevention, treatment and harm-reduction programs and services and of evidence-based approaches to new treatment options.

National Alcohol Campaign

The National Alcohol Campaign was launched in 2000 to reduce alcohol-related harm amongst young Australians. Together with a range of education, policy and regulatory initiatives the National Alcohol Campaign contributed to the National Alcohol Strategic Plan.

The focus of the Campaign is on young people's drinking (primarily 15 to 17 years old) and associated information and support for parents. The aim of the campaign is to assist all sections of the community, in particular young people, to develop understanding, attitudes and behaviour enabling them to minimise, and if possible avoid alcohol-related harm. More information on the Campaign can be found on the Alcohol website.

National Tobacco Campaign

The National Tobacco Campaign has been associated with a reduction of 3.7% in adult smoking prevalence between May 1997 and November 2002 and has shown potential in reaching high risk groups such as youth. The regular World No Tobacco Day (May 31) encourages smokers to quit. Graphic television commercials showing the damage smoking causes to lungs, eyes, brain and arteries were screened nationally and supported by state and territory campaign activity.
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    National Illicit Drugs Campaign

    As part of the National Illicit Drugs Strategy and allocation of $2.75 million was made for a comprehensive community education and information campaign — the National Illicit Drugs Campaign (NIDC).

    The NIDC broadly comprises two parts: Part One - a Strategy to meet the information needs of parents, carers and the broader community; and Part Two — a strategy to target youth, which is currently in development

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